San Marcos River Linear State Park Proposal



How You Can Help

We need you to write letters, send e-mails and make phone calls now to Representative John Cyrier, Caldwell County, Representative Erin Zwiener, Hays County, and Representative John Kuempel, Guadalupe County and to Senator Judith Zaffirini in whose districts this section of the San Marcos River flows, asking them to help create this new State Park.  We also need you to contact your own state rep and senator and ask them to support this effort.  To help you find who represents you, we have included the link below.  And we have links to Representative Cyrier and Senator Zaffirini.  You should also contact the Texas Parks and Wildlife Commissioners, as well as city councilmen and mayors of the various cities along the river and county judges and county commissioners for the various counties along the river.  We will be adding more contact info as soon as we can.

Who represents you
Representative John Cyrier
Representative Erin Zwiener
Representative John Kuempel
Senator Judith Zaffirini